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AOSW Thanks its Donors


Holly Adams
Frances Becker
Penny Damaskos
Louisa Daratsos
Larmender Davis
Iris Fineberg
Wendy Kimbley
Frank McCaffrey
Naomi Stearns


Christina Bach
Lynn Behar
Lynn Behar
In Honor of Ali Sachs, President
Thank you for serving, Ali.
Sandra Blackburn
Sage Bolte
Eucharia Borden
Paula Brumback
Paul Clark
Yvette Colón
Sarah Conning
Kimberly Cushing
Penny Damaskos
Louisa Daratsos
Larmender Davis
Meri Gilman
Siobhan Ginnane
Kerry Irish
Ellen Kachalsky
Andrea Karoff
Marie Lavigne
Deborah Leif
Angela Lim
Leora Lowenthal
In Memory of Ronit Amir Lowenthal
For my beloved mother, whose memory and legacy inspire me every day.
Amanda Martelli
William McDermott
Carolyn Messner
Susan Miller
Suzanne Murdock
Julianne Oktay
Thomas Pier, LCSW, OSW-C, CMF
Mary Ripper
Alison Sachs
Alison Sachs
In honor of Tara Schapmire, Chelsea Kroll and Jane Dabney’s Election.
Congratulations on your election to the AOSW Board of Directors! Your commitment to AOSW is impressive, important and very much appreciated. We look forward to working with you.
Catherine & Ali
Raquel Serrano
Naomi Stearns
Noreen Tighe
Alison VanNorman
Brad Zebrack


Payments Amazon
Roberta Armstrong
Christina Austin-Valere
Christina Bach
Jane Bausch
Jennifer Craddock
Catherine Credeur
Kimberly Cushing
Penny Damaskos
Anne Daugherty
Diana DiCesare
Kim Evans-Whitney
Siobhan Ginnane
Ellen Kachalsky
Karen Kayser
Meredith Kolodze
Chelsea Kroll
William McDermott
Dawn Ramson
Alison Sachs
Tara Schapmire
In Honor of New Board Members
I make this donation in honor of AOSW's newest Board members: Eucharia Borden, Kerry Cox Irish, Sophia Smith, and Meredith Cammarata. Welcome to the Board and we look forward to the great things you will do.
Noreen Tighe
Roeliena Van Zanten
Roeliena Van Zanten
Katherine Walsh
Wendy Walters


Stephanie Fraser
Pamela Lucci
Angela McCabe
Julianne Oktay
Mellissa Rearick
Naomi Stearns
Roeliena Van Zanten


Donate to AOSW

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity in supporting the Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW). Your donation will help AOSW fulfill its mission of advancing excellence in the psychosocial care of persons with cancer, their families and caregivers  Your contribution is appreciated and may be tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor).
Donations may be made “In Memory Of” or “In Honor Of” within any of the donation categories. Simply choose the appropriate option when completing the donation form.

The Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW) is a non-profit, international, 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to the enhancement of psychosocial services to people with cancer, their families and caregivers. Your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law. 

View AOSW, INC. FORM 2015 990 (PDF)

The following are the funds and priorities to which you may designate your contribution:

     General Fund
Your donation will offset the costs of providing education and support over a wide array of programs, newsletters, SWON and the AOSW website. 
  Hardship Fund
AOSW offers limited aid for those current members facing hardships (i.e. unforeseen unemployment).
  Naomi Stearns Scholarship
Established to honor the first AOSW President, Naomi Stearns, this $1,000 scholarship defrays the cost of conference attendance for a member who has demonstrated commitment to the profession, including AOSW activity. The scholarship is supported through generous donations of supporters, including our own members. 
  Palliative Care Scholarship
Given in support of an AOSW member who is seeking a master's degree in social work. The recipient will have a demonstrated interest in end-of-life care. Established in 2006 in memory of longstanding AOSW member and leader in palliative and end-of-life care, Betty Vargo. The scholarship is supported through generous donations of supporters, including our own members.
  Conference Scholarship Fund
These scholarships are sponsored by AOSW and supported through generous donations of supporters, including our own members.Five conference tuition scholarships cover the cost of registration to the Annual Conference. Recipients are chosen based on a demonstrated commitment to the field of oncology social work.
  Social Worker of the Year Award
This award recognizes an exceptional member of AOSW who, in the day-to-day delivery of compassionate service, is a model for the profession. This award is sponsored by AOSW through generous donations of supporters, including our own members.