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AOSW Nominations Committee

The AOSW Nominations Committee facilitates the nominating procedure; screens applicants to be placed in nomination, presents a slate of candidates to AOSW membership for voting and review, and maintains and updates committee policies and procedures to facilitate the elections process.
AOSW Nominations Chair: AOSW Past-President 

The AOSW Past-President will serve as Chair of the Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee shall consist of the chairperson, two Board members, and two representatives of the membership at large appointed by the Nominations Committee Chair and approved by the Board of Directors. 

Members of the Nominating Committee may not run for any open position for the year they serve on the committee. The previous committee chairperson shall be available for consultation if so needed. Composition of the committee should be approved by the AOSW Board no later than the May/June in-person Board of Directors meeting. 

Staff Liaison

Emily Burch
AOSW Executive Director
Phone: (847) 686-2376