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AOSW Research Committee 

The Research Committee is made up of five to seven experienced oncology social work researchers.  The committee provides opportunities for networking as well as conducting psychosocial oncology research. The committee works to improve the link between oncology social work practice and research.  The primary goal of the Research Committee is to assure that social work research in oncology serves the interest of patients and families dealing with cancer and remains relevant to the field. Research Committee meetings serve to enhance communication and coordination for opportunities to communicate research methods, projects and results to AOSW members (e.g. website, Navigator articles, conference presentations and webinars).
AOSW Research Director and Committee Chair
Sophia Smith, PhD, MSW
Duke University

Committee Members
Executive Core Research Committee

Barbara Jones, PhD, MSW
University of Texas

Hee Yun Lee, PhD
University of Alabama

Julianne Oktay, MSW, PhD
University of Maryland School of Social Work

Tara J. Schapmire, PhD, MSSW, CSW, OSW-C, FNAP, FAOSW
Universiry of Louisville

Daniela Wittmann, PhD, MSW
University of Michigan School of Social Work

Brad Zebrack, PhD, MSW, MPH, FAPOS
University of Michigan School of Social Work

Additional Research Committee Members:

Chiara Acquati, PhD, MSW: Research Institute Planning and Integration
Heather Goltz, PhD, LMSW: Quality Improvement Projects
Mi Hwa Lee, PhD, MSW: Navigator Articles   
Ron Mills, MS: Navigator Articles and Patient Advocate
Ashley Varner, PhD, LCSW: Website and Webinar Development

Staff Liaison

Emily Burch
AOSW Executive Director
Phone: (847) 686-2376