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AOSW Volunteer Center

We are so glad you want to be an active part of AOSW! We offer a variety of opportunities for early-, mid- or late-career members to volunteer.
Why Volunteer?
  • Play an integral role in the day-to-day activities of the AOSW. 
  • Connect with other volunteers and leaders in the profession, creating a powerful professional network.
  • Enhance your resume or CV with leadership, service and professional skills.
  • Assist AOSW achieve its strategic goals.
        To volunteer for one of AOSW’s committees, contact Jordan Burghardt at AOSW Headquarters. You must be a member in good standing to volunteer.

The following are some of the current volunteer opportunities. But if you have a special skill or background that would benefit AOSW, let us know! We will do our best to match volunteers with areas that need their skills. Not sure what you want to do? Just let us know what interests you and we'll be in touch.

AOSW State Representative

State Representatives serve as liaisons between state membership and the AOSW Directors-at-Large, promote membership within AOSW, encourage member participation in AOSW activities, identify potential award recipients within their state and promote AOSW and the profession of oncology social work. 
  • Social Work degree
  • Active AOSW membership 
  • Residence within the state being covered. If no state representative is available in a given state, a representative can be appointed from an adjoining state
Current Vacancies:
Eastern States
  • Indiana
  • West Virginia
Western States
  • Iowa
  • Missouri
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

Special Interest Group (SIG) Leader

Special Interest Groups are a formal structure within AOSW that offers members with specific interests a network to discuss, explore and exchange ideas. Special Interest Groups are open to all active members. The Special Interest Group (SIG) Leaders serve as the liaison between the SIG membership and the Director-at-Large assigned as liaison. SIG Leaders are appointed by the Director-at-Large to a two-year term with the option of extension.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Determine SIG goals and objectives, making suggestions for revisions/changes as needed.
  • Establish agenda and facilitate SIG meeting at the AOSW Annual Conference.
  • Communicate regularly with SIG members (minimum twice per year) via broadcast email, newsletter or website.
  • Contribute content to AOSW Navigator, or delegate an author from the SIG.
  • Collaborate with the SIG Liaison.
  • Serve as a resource to AOSW for SIG topic.
  • Provide an annual SIG report to the Board of Directors.
  • Social Work degree
  • Active AOSW membership
  • Experience/interest in SIG group topic
Current Opportunities
  • Ambulatory Care/Fee-for-Service Co-SIG Leader
  • Brain Tumor Co-SIG Leader
  • Spirituality Co-SIG Leader
AOSW Committee Volunteer Opportunities
AOSW Annual Conference Committee
The Annual Conference is the primary professional education event offered by AOSW. Committee members play a central role in shaping the theme and content of the conference and serve as ambassadors in promoting AOSW's mission. The committee meets via monthly conference calls and also travels to AOSW Headquarters in Chicago (in October) to review abstract submissions and begin program planning. As a volunteer committee member you’ll gain personal and professional growth and enhance your leadership skills in program development and planning and team work. Plus, committee members receive conference registration, travel and hotel accommodations in return for their hard work!
AOSW Advocacy Committee
The AOSW Advocacy Committee provides legislative updates to the AOSW Board and membership on issues related to oncology health care and provides education to the membership on the political process, political activism and advocacy. 
AOSW Awards Committee
The AOSW Awards Committee is responsible for soliciting and reviewing nominations for awards, reviewing applications for scholarships and judging the poster awards. While not responsible for selecting the Quality of Life in Cancer Care Award and Lecture recipient, the committee Chair is responsible for working with the President and the Annual Conference Committee to oversee the logistics of the award.
AOSW Communications Committee
The Communications Committee informs the membership of current and future activities of AOSW and facilitates information exchange among AOSW members and its Board of Directors. The Communications Committee coordinates the activities of the AOSW Navigator, OSW NewsBrief, SWON, social media (via the Social Media Team) website and public relations with members appointed to direct these activities.
AOSW Education Committee
The AOSW Education Committee ensures that the proposed and ongoing educational activities and projects are consistent with AOSW’s educational mission as a nonprofit organization. The Education Committee informs the AOSW Board and membership of current and future educational activities and projects, and proposes and develops educational activities and projects in conjunction with the Board of Directors that support AOSW’s educational mission as a nonprofit organization.
AOSW Finance Committee
The AOSW Finance Committee is responsible for researching and recommending long-range fundraising plans to the AOSW Board of Directors to ensure the fiscal stability of AOSW. In addition, the committee will recommend fiscal policy changes to AOSW’s investment program when appropriate.
AOSW Membership Committee
The AOSW Membership Committee promotes membership of the AOSW, assesses the needs of AOSW members annually, encourages members to develop a network of peer support and develops and implements plans to increase visibility of AOSW.
AOSW Nominations Committee
The AOSW Nominations Committee facilitates the nominating procedure, screens applicants to be placed in nomination, presents a slate of candidates to AOSW membership for voting and review, and maintains and updates committee policies and procedures to facilitate the elections process.
AOSW Research Committee
The Research Committee provides opportunities for networking as well as information and advice on conducting psychosocial oncology research. Members are academic researchers as well as clinicians involved or interested in clinical research. A primary goal of the Research Committee is to assure that social work research in oncology serves the interest of patients and families dealing with cancer and remains relevant to the field. 
        To volunteer for one of AOSW’s committees, contact Jordan Burghardt at AOSW Headquarters. You must be a member in good standing to volunteer.