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AOSW 31st Annual Conference Abstract Submission

AOSW is now accepting abstract proposals for its 31st Annual Conference, being held May 20-22, 2015 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

The theme for the 2015 conference is “Leading With Skill and Passion: Oncology Social Workers at the Forefront of Cancer Care.”

2015 Conference Objectives

  • Explore the changing and expanding roles of social workers in psychosocial oncology care through the evidence based presentation of innovative interventions, programs, therapies, bioethical dilemmas and partnerships that improve and promote patient centered care.
  • Explore specialized clinical/therapeutic interventions designed to reduce cancer related distress and promote patient/caregiver coping and adjustment across the  cancer trajectory while presenting best practice initiatives which meet the Commission on Cancer accreditation standards focused on the provision of psychosocial care (distress screening, palliative care, survivorship, community outreach).
  • Explore opportunities for social workers to pioneer new leadership and advocacy ventures in various healthcare settings as well as at the local, state, and national levels of government.
  • Promote the marriage of business practices and social work practices with emphasis on program development and evaluation, benchmarking, reimbursement, grant writing, position allocation and justification and other administrative/leadership tasks.
  • Investigate methods for improving skills, knowledge and accessibility of research toempower oncology social workers as influencers of evidence based practice.
  • Establish social workers as passionate leaders in the provision of self care and management of compassion fatigue in oncology care professionals.
  • Explore the diversity of cancer patients and their caregivers through the presentation of social work interventions with diverse populations, as well as advocating for the special needs of patients/caregivers from disenfranchised cultural/social groups.
  • Demonstrate effective systems for mentorship, education and support of the next generation of oncology social workers.
Presentation Types
Proposals for the following session types are being accepted:
  • Workshop (100 minute session)
    Provides specific skill building techniques, program review, supporting research, case examples, panel discussions, group exercises, discussion, demonstration, and Q & A.
  • Panel  
    For each session, three papers that are thematically linked will be presented for 10 minutes each, followed by a 20 minute Q & A session. The program committee will group these together when submissions are finalized.
  • Paper (50 minute session)
    Overview of presented topic, with background, supporting research, suggestions for implementing change/projects, discussion and Q & A.
  • Poster   
    A poster presentation is an opportunity to discuss your topic with peers in an informal setting. Posters typically focus on one main theme, and present useful information, research results and stimulate discussion. A poster presentation allows viewers to study and restudy information and discuss it with the presenter one on one.
The deadline for submitting abstract proposals is Monday, September 8th, 2014, 11:59 p.m. EST

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