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Conference Objectives:

1. Ethics:
Demonstrate knowledge and application of social work ethical standards in an ever-changing healthcare and technological landscape.
2. Research:
Identify opportunities to effectively integrate cutting-edge research into practice, policy and service delivery across the spectrum of cancer care.
3. Patient-Centered Care:
Demonstrate examples of fresh approaches that empower the oncology professional to provide high-quality patient and family-centered care.
4. Leadership:
Illustrate innovative models of leadership across the oncology care continuum in areas of mentorship, program development, change management, conflict management, administration, and executive leadership.
5. Access to Care: 
Discuss innovations in psycho-social oncology that address disparities and access to care amongst vulnerable populations.
6. Advocacy & Health Policy:
Examine emerging visions for oncology care, nationally and globally, and explore partnership opportunities that allow
oncology social workers to advocate for and effect change in the delivery of cancer care.
7. The Future of Oncology Social Work:
Empower psycho-social oncology professionals to grow as we face a changing healthcare landscape, global
connectivity and the power of social media, and the rapid evolution of cancer treatment.