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Patients and Caregivers

AOSW is committed to providing information about resources to help with the challenges that cancer presents to patients, their families and caregivers. 

If you are a patient, we encourage you to taking advantage of the services of an oncology social worker to acquire useful information about how to cope with the feelings and problems associated with dealing with cancer diagnosis and treatment. When first confronted with the reality of a cancer diagnosis, people need to become familiar with a tremendous amount of medical information, in the midst of very natural feelings of anxiety about the future. Problems that you have never faced before, like explaining your diagnosis to your children or how to deal with your employer are examples.

An oncology social worker, who has worked with many families coping with cancer, has information that can make those tasks easier for you, so that your energies can be focused on dealing with cancer and its treatment.

In addition to helping you understand and use the resources of the hospital where you are receiving treatment, services in your community can be valuable assets in getting through the day to day challenges facing you and your family. Transportation to treatment is one such example. Another might be applying for disability benefits if you need to temporarily stop working during periods of active treatment. Asking for help is difficult for most people. We expect that we should be able to handle any problem that comes along. You don’t have to face cancer alone.

There is no way that you can know everything there is to know about coping with a new situation, especially with a diagnosis that can seem overwhelming at first.

Asking for help is a smart thing to do in order to preserve all of your energy to deal with cancer treatment.

Ask for help from an oncology social worker if you are having difficulty getting the services you need.