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Informing practice, policy and education through research is a core part of AOSW's commitment to excellence in psychosocial oncology. Research may address clinical outcomes, policy changes, or theoretical approaches-all of which provide benefits to not only AOSW members, but also the general public.AOSW's commitment to research initiatives in the field of psychosocial oncology led to the creation of the Research Committee. The Research Committee reports to the Board of Directors and reviews, evaluates and determines approval of research submitted by AOSW members.

AOSW is proud to give all new members a copy of "A Social Work Guide to Conducting Research in Psychosocial Oncology" written by AOSW members who are faculty at several schools of social work throughout the country.

What are the roles, functions, referral patterns, and collective expertise of AOSW members? How might the talents and skills of our members better serve cancer patients, survivors, and their families? And what can AOSW do for oncology social workers to enhance their own abilities?